Having trouble managing your monthly expenses?

Do you know what the #1 problem is in relationships (or the #1 stressor in anyone’s life?)

You guessed it! Finances!

Do you know what your highest interest rate credit card or installment loan is? If you are having a tough time managing your monthly expenses, or just want to free up your budget regardless – you don’t have to stay in a 21% interest rate credit card! 

You can utilize the growing equity you have in your home to pay off all of your credit cards, installment loans, get current on bills, and even just pull-out cash for reserves. 

Every individual or family should have at least* 12 months of reserves in savings in case an unforeseen circumstance occurs. 

Consolidate your high interest debts into one low (and manageable) monthly payment. 4-5% interest on a 20-30 Year Term Length can free up your budget and ease your financial stresses.

Debt consolidation is one of our favorite services to provide because we have seen many individuals and families completely relieve their financial stresses. Sometimes reducing monthly expenses by $500-$3,000/month and securing a decent sized savings for peace of mind!

Get in touch today and we can show you what your options are! No obligation, no cost to you.

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